Meg Parry Studio is a contemporary fashion design and production hub based in Melbourne, Australia. 

In late 2016, Meg began collaborating with emerging designers on design and production in Australia and worldwide, making their designs come to fruition.

Whilst building an ongoing support network for emerging designers, the creative studio launched their label which has an emphasis on thoughtful design, providing beautiful, ethically made womenswear apparel, accessories and lifestyle products. 


The creative director and founder Meg Parry, believes in dreaming big and voicing what you believe in. Sophistication and comfort are constant underlying themes within Meg Parry Studio. She believes in approaching life with optimism, the power of hard work and positive thinking. 

As a designer Meg enjoys challenging the possibilities within garments. She finds fulfilment in the processes. Experimenting with functionalities and applying them to engage and empower the wearer, whilst maintaining hints of romanticism within all her work. 

With experience in variety of fashion businesses that include Akira Isogawa, Gareth Pugh Studios, London College of Fashion and Swedish fast fashion company Nelly, Meg is determined to change the perspective people have on fashion and reiterate the importance of ethical fashion practices



As a fashion business, we care about the importance of being accountable for your actions. By having a made to order strategy for our brand, we are only manufacturing to keep up with the demand. We value being socially responsible, as it contributes to the ongoing conversation the impact our choices have on our environment, however, reiterates that there still needs to be drastic changes to the way people perceive, value and wear clothing.

With on-going concerns of the environmental and ethical impacts the fashion industry has on the world, we are determined to change the perspective people have on fashion. 



If you are an emerging designer, photographer, stylist, artist or any creative interested in collaboration, we would love to hear from you!

Feel free to drop us a line introducing yourself and what you are all about via our contact page.